Vinyl Flooring

Replicating Natural

Vinyl flooring mirrors the natural colorings and textures of timber as well as stone floorings.  Apart from replicating the natural textures and colorings, vinyl flooring is also cost friendly. Due to innovative technologies, vinyl flooring is the ideal solution to use in houses and commercial spaces.  Vinyl floorings are suitable for kitchens, laundries, bathrooms as well as corridors. They can also be a good choice for offices and workspaces.

PU polyurethane is applied on the surface of the vinyl floorings, which improves the appearance of the vinyl floors as well as provides protection and durability.

Vinyl flooring


Vinyl floorings provide many more benefits than the aforementioned. For instance, vinyl floorings also provide sound and heat insulation for commercial spaces and homes. In comparison to wooden floorboards, vinyl floorings are much quieter and more comfortable surfaces to walk on.

Carpet Specialists offer two vinyl-flooring options, the Luxury Lay and Loose Lay. Vinyl planks, vinyl floor tiles and vinyl sheets are also included in our range.

Vinyl flooring


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