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Elegant Carpets

A carpet is a practical and elegant flooring option that is available in a wide variety of textures, designs and colours. The extensive variety of carpets and different price range make sure that everyone will find a carpet that suits their taste as well as budget. The most important features to take into account when choosing a carpet are children, foot traffic and pets. These are important factors since they determine rank of carpet to choose.

Carpet Grades

Carpets are graded and ranked according to their suitability on various applications. Carpet Specialists can guide you in deciding on the most appropriate type of carpet you need to opt for according to where you live.  It is a fact that carpets that are more expensive may not be the most suitable option based on your living space.  That is, an individual living in a one-bedroom flat in the centre of the city will definitely have other flooring requirements than a family with children living in a bigger house.

Below is a short description of the range of strengths of carpets available.

Carpet Grades

Medium Duty

  • Light & low traffic flows
  • Lounge areas & living rooms

Extra Heavy Duty

  • Very heavy & high traffic flow
  • Corridors, busy & crowded living areas
  • Suitable for Commercial Office spaces & Shops

Heavy Duty

  • Heavy traffic flow
  • Corridors, lounge areas & living rooms
  • Suitable for Families with 2-3 children

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