Natural Flooring

An alternative


Natural floorings are stylish and look natural at the same time. You can choose from sisal, seagrass, jute fibres as well as coir to create natural-fibred runners and rugs. Decorate your home with goan beaches, coconut husks and monsoon-grown grasses.

Natural rugs and carpets are modern, stylish and smart.


Coir is created from Indian coconut fibres
that are softened using seawater.
Coir is naturally rich, tactile, tough and resilient

Sea Grass

Sea grass is found on the banks of Vietnamese rivers.
It is a material full of texture.
Sea grass naturally gives light to relaxing settings.


Sisal comes from the Mexican Gulf.
Due to being incredibly durable and resilient,
this material is perfect for staircases and halls.

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